The aim of the project was to provide early detection and remedial therapy services to children with developmental disorders in the nearest community health centre or a suitable public institution through a mobile developmental disability team comprising of clinical psychologist, speech therapist, developmental therapist and special Educator. The CDDP clinics functioned as outreach clinics of the child development services (CDS) of IMHANS in Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad and Kasargode districts. CDS in association with CDDP formed a unique model of community based multi disciplinary care to children with developmental disabilities and emotional disorders. Children evaluated in detail at the CDS were referred to the nearest community clinic for follow up therapy with periodic monitoring and planning at the CDS. This unique model provided economic advantage to both parents and the Govt. and also helped to mobilize support from people’s initiatives and Local Self Govt. bodies. The project utilized a fund allotted to IMHANS by the state Govt. initially and was supported by the NRHM and later on by the state initiative disabilities (SID). The SID supported the project in Kozhikode and Malappuram district in 2014-15 as pilot project and subsequently extended to all the district of Kerala.