The Child Development Services (CDS) is the child and adolescent mental health division of IMHANS. The CDS began functioning in 2007 as a weekly outpatient clinic for children with developmental and psychological disorders, which functioned as an extension of the Child Guidance Clinic at the Department of Pediatrics at the Institute of Maternal and Child Health (IMCH), Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode. The clinic functioned from the old RCH building in the Govt. Medical College campus which was remaining unused after winding up of the urban RCH program. From 2008 onwards the CDS was expanded with the services of a multidisciplinary team comprising of clinical psychologist, speech therapist, early intervention therapist and special educator with fund from the NRHM. Back then the CDS was the only centre in the erstwhile Malabar area to provide comprehensive care to children with developmental and psychological disorders through a multidisciplinary team

Over the years the CDS have developed into a referral centre for children with developmental disorders and psychological disorders. This is the only centre in the Govt. sector in the north Kerala to provide multidisciplinary comprehensive care to children with developmental disabilities and psychological disorders. The staffs include paediatrician, psychiatrist, medical officer, clinical psychologist, early intervention therapist, speech therapist, audiologist, occupation therapist, special educator and an attender. In addition to the CDS staff, faculty from the departments of psychiatric social work, clinical psychology and psychiatry are also involved in organizing the outpatient clinics of the CDS. The CDS functions in collaboration with the department of paediatrics at the Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode and gets support from the other departments in the Medical College for specialty services.