Adult Psychiatry services are provided on outpatient basis. The service runs at B-Block at the centre of excellence building. The services are delivered by a team of mental health professionals including Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Social Workers and Psychiatric Nurses. The team is divided into two Units, Unit-I and Unit-II. Each Unit has OP on two days a week, one each for initial work ups and follow ups.

Anybody in need of mental health services can contact the services during OP registration time between 9.00 AM and 12.00 Noon on working days. All the persons who contact the services will be first received by the team member on reception duty on the particular day. The reason for contact will be noted and the nature of services will be explained. Need for an emergency intervention, and possible need for inpatient care or referral will be assessed and will be advised accordingly. Those who are suitable for enrolment into the services will be advised to come for work up on OP days and appointment will be given.

On OP days all patients who are given appointment will be seen by psychiatry consultant and any other consultant as required. Diagnostic work-up will be done and treatment will be started on the OP day. Later the cases will be discussed in grand rounds with team members from all departments and individualized care plan including further assessments and management will be made. To ensure continuity, each patient will be assigned to one of the postgraduate students who take the responsibility of case manager.

Over time the patient may undergo a number of assessments and interventions including patient and family education, individual psychotherapy, etc. Those patients who can be managed with medicines and minimal psychosocial interventions will be referred to Community Mental Health Program clinic in their area. Those patients who require inpatient care will be referred Government Medical College Kozhikode or Government Mental Health Centre Kozhikode or any other psychiatry facility of their choice.

Unit: New case OP: Follow Up: Psychiatrist: Psychiatric Social Worker: Clinical Psychologist: Psychiatric Nurse
I Tuesday, Friday: Dr. Shibukumar T.M, Dr. Anwar Sadath, Mr. Jaseem K, Mr. Amaldev
II Friday, Tuesday: Dr. Anish P.K, Dr. Seema P. Uthaman, Mr. Ratheesh S.R, Ms. Alka Raju