IMHANS provided technical support to the PRATHEEKSHA project of the Malappuram district panchayath which was started in 2011 along with Community Development Disability Program (CDDP). The community centres of the CDDP of IMHANS were named as PRATHEEKSHA centres. The project aimed to start panchayath level centres to provide early detection and remedial services to children with developmental disorders. One class room of a Govt. school in each panchayath willing to implement the project was converted to a centre for differentially abled children and special educators were appointed. This gave the unique opportunity for mutual interaction between the differentially abled children and the typically grown children and was beneficial to both groups.

It is felt that this is a replicable model and it will be of immense benefit if one class room in each panchayath school is equipped to provide remedial education and therapy to children with developmental disorders in the school age group.