Recovery Facilitation Project (RFP) is funded by the social justice department of Govt. of Kerala. The aim of the project is to facilitate recovery of adults with severe and chronic mental illnesses through a day care activity program. The project helps individuals with severe and chronic mental illnesses to recover from illness and to empower them to rehabilitate and reintegrate in community.

The services offered through the project include the following:

  • Psychological and psychosocial assessment
  • Patient and family education program
  • Recovery oriented counseling
  • Training in activities of daily living
  • Communication and social skill training programs
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Welfare and rights awareness and aid
  • Education reintegration program

To register for the project patients are first registered in the adult OP at IMHANS and detailed treatment and therapy planning is done.


Mrs. Reshma T    M.Phil (PSW) – Project Coordinator

Leeshma P  M.Phil (CP) – Clinical Psychologist

Shyja – Vocational Trainer


Ph: 8078440110