Biomedical and psychosocial research lab facilities are available at IMHANS. Qualified and experienced faculty members are available to guide Ph.D. theses.

Research (Ph.D.) Guides (under the Kerala University of Health Sciences) 

  1. Dr. P. Krishnakumar (Director)  – Head of the Department of Child Development
  2. Dr. Seema P Uthaman  (Principal)  & Head of the Department of Psychiatric Social Work
  3. Dr. Jaseem. K – Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology
  4. Dr. Reena George –  Head of the Department of Psychiatric Nursing
  5. Dr. G.Ragesh – Lecturer, Department of Psychiatric Social Work

Research Areas at Present 

  1. Clinical and community studies in Women’ Mental Health
  2. Community-Based intervention in Dementia
  3. Genetic Studies in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  4. Mental Health Surveys
  5. Neuropsychological Studies
  6. Mental Health Nursing
  7. School mental health
  8. Solution Focused therapies
  9. Tribal Mental Health interventions
  10. Suicide prevention
  11. Perinatal mental health
  12. Qualitative researches