As someone who was mostly exposed to Community mental health during post-graduation and Job, I was a bit confused to take up two years of clinical training in M. Phil PSW, mainly because of the nature of work I will be exposed to. Being a sensitive and a broken person inside, I was quite doubtful whether I will be able to handle myself as well as the clients I will be dealing with. To quote one of my Professor’s words “One has to be broken and wounded in our own self, then only we can understand and heal others – the wounded healers”. I heard these words during my initial days to clinical training and thought I will be able to handle what’s in the store. But later there were days when I was exhausted, days where my client stayed silent throughout the session and all I could do was to be in that silence, there were days one of client called me over telephone and shouted on me and there also all I could do was to stay silent and receive what my client has to say. Despite all these, there were days where I’m content with myself realizing that I could provide some intervention which was most beneficial for them at that moment or to be there to listen to them.