In my two years of clinical training what I have mostly observed is that people are different from each other and this uniqueness is something that makes the counselling process effective. As they are different their needs are always different and identifying these needs and finding appropriate ways to meet this need is an important process. Everybody relates differently and assume that their ideas and beliefs are universal and as a counsellor I have to listen to them as it is the genuine perception of the reality of my client. There are also people who come for counselling just because they don’t have anyone to listen. While dealing with these people what I have mostly observed is that compassion is an underused word in people’s vocabulary. They fail to adopt a compassionate view of themselves but instead judge themselves to be weak and worthless just because of the shortcoming and failures in the past. Past is something they hold tightly in the present to judge their future. But contrary to this what I have mostly found is that people have an urge to move forward where they want to manifest the best selves and in this journey all they wanted is ‘genuineness, acceptance, being listened and understood’.