The Department of Psychiatry is involved in the institute's clinical services, academic activities, and research activities. Most of the department's actions involve multidisciplinary teamwork involving other departments at IMHANS.
The clinical services include the four days-a-week adult psychiatry outpatient clinics in the main building. A separate women's mental health clinic (Thursdays) is a weekly outpatient clinic. It provides the services of a multidisciplinary team with faculty from Psychiatric Social Work, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatric Nursing.
The department provides psychiatric support to the tribal mental health program implemented in the Wayanad district and two community mental health clinics organized by the Kozhikode district panchayath at Koottalida.
The multidisciplinary mental health outreach clinic organized by the department as a weekly outpatient clinic at Wayanad for more than one year was a unique mental health care delivery model in a community setting where mental health professionals are scarce.
The department is also involved in teaching and clinical supervision of M.Phil students and Diploma Psychiatric Nursing students. Classes for MSW students, MA/MSc Psychology students and pediatric residents form part of the routine academic programs. Teaching programs are organized for the students posted to IMHANS from outside institutions as part of the student internship program.
Research Activities of the department include the research projects undertaken by the institute and Individual research projects initiated by the faculty. The faculties are also guides/co-guided for thesis/dissertation for M.Phil and M.Sc Nursing students. Faculty members from the department are involved in various community projects as nodal officers, including Community Mental Health Programs and the District Psychiatric Rehabilitation project.

Faculty & Clinicians

Dr Rajith K Ravindren

Dr PK Anish

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Dr. Hadik Al Jouhar K