IMHANS, Kozhikode, is a significant mental health institute created to be a Centre of Excellence for training, research and development in neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, psychiatric social work, psychiatric nursing and allied science in Kerala. It’s an excellent place to meet like-minded people, learn, and grow together. The Imhans community forms a close-knit group, and you make friends for life here. The imhans campus, the people, and this life have made me more robust and confident. IMHANS  provides clinical-based mental health education intending to produce quality health professionals. The curriculum offers broad-based knowledge and simultaneously builds a temper for lifelong learning and exploring. 

The student welfare programmes of the Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (IMHANS) provide a strong emphasis on each student's overall development and wellbeing. The institute organizes several events that allow the students to develop both personally and professionally. Every year, the institute creates a College Council, which plans all the extracurricular events for the following academic year. The college offers all necessary facilities, including clean drinking water, furniture, roomy classrooms with adequate electricity, computer labs with internet access, restrooms, sickroom, lockers, transportation options, a library with books, journals, newspapers, and periodicals, etc.

Student Stipend & Fellowships

A monthly allowance of Rs. 10,000 provided to the students every month for the MPhil Clinical Psychology and MPhil Psychiatric Social Work students. Also, the students of Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing are provided a monthly allowance of Rs. 7,000. This amount helps them in covering the basic cost of living during the training. It may cover expenses such as food, commuting and housing. The financial stability helps in increasing the accountability and overall experience of the students during the academic period. Apart from the monthly allowance, the M.Phil students who are qualified for Junior Research Fellowship and other fellowships provided by the Central and State governments will receive the monthly amounts mentioned during the time period.

Hostel Facility

A hostel is under construction in the premises of the institute.

Support for Newly Joined People

The friendly and welcoming nature of the institute makes sure that each new student feels comfortable here. They can contact either the faculty of the respective departments for any queries regarding the academic and admission processes or any senior student. They will take the role of guiding the student through the process of settling in. This includes making sure the student is aware of the transport, food, and housing facilities available nearby.

Phone: +919061424039

Committees working for the welfare of the students

  1. Parent – Teacher Association
  2. Anti-ragging committee
  3. College council
  4. Student support and guidance cell

Students' Union 

Students' Association for Growth and Action (SAGA) is the students' union of IMHANS and is affiliated with the Kerala University of Health Sciences. It is a body consisting of 8 members. The union strives to bring about changes in the students' lives and ensure their welfare. The union's motto is to work for the institution's and students' growth. The union consists of a students' forum conducting several academic and non-academic lectures, movie reviews, self-help groups and peer supervision groups.

The Students’ Union Members: 

Chairperson: Jishitha KP
Vice-chairperson: Sujitha S & Karthika Jayaprakash
General Secretary: Dhanya Charly
Joint Secretary: Sandra S Prakash
UUC: Lintamol Devasya
Magazine Editor: Sreelakshmi VP
Fine Arts Secretary: Rasha Salam
Sports Secretary: Mariya John
Phone: +91 9061 424 039